GN containers, stainless steel GN containers, polycarbonate GN trays GN cooking inserts GN accessories GN with your logo GN sets for combination steamers Videos BLANCOTHERM food transport containers BLANCOTHERM K unheated BLT 160 K BLT 320 K BLT 320 ECO BLT 320 ECO-C BLT 420 K BLT 620 KF Whether out in delivery vans en route to customers or offloading food boxes for a buffet you need to rely on efficient insulation and robust carriers which are especially designed to take the pressure of a busy service. This extensive collection of insulated food transport includes food and beverage carriers, thermo boxes and food delivery bags.

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Metro’s range of food transport containers has a solution that is perfect for your business. Another unique feature of Metro products is their versatility for both hot and cold food transport. Metro offers multiple solutions in both the hot food transport and cold food transport categories. Cabinet Transport

Cold food transport containers. Round Storage Containers Food Boxes ColdFest® Containers Measuring Cups and Scoops Crocks. Non Electric Food Transport Carts. Category. Insulated Front Loading Food Pan Carriers. Category. Insulated Top Loading Food Pan Carriers. Secure your to-go food in our new poly-coated, paper hot/cold food containers. They are microwavable, enabling customers to reheat food later. They are also moisture resistant and have a tight-fitting lid to avoid leaks. Each cup can hold food ranging from 32º F to 212º F. Containers and lids are recyclable where facilities exist. Extremely durable and lightweight insulated food transport and stacking boxes. Ideal for temperature sensitive food transport between sites whatever the quantity. Providing solutions for all types of caterers who need to transport hot or cold food products. Many styles and sizes available. food transport containers. Skip to main content. Premium Large Commercial Catering Bag for Food Transport – Hot and Cold Thermal Insulated Food Carrier with YKK No Snag Zippers – Ultra Durable Polyester Material. 4.8 out of 5 stars 312. $42.95 $ 42. 95 $49.95 $49.95. Metro’s range of food transport containers has a solution that is perfect for your business. Another unique feature of Metro products is their versatility for both hot and cold food transport. Metro offers multiple solutions in both the hot food transport and cold food transport categories. Distribution: Cold transport vehicles, or reefers, move goods and maintain stable conditions as the products travel to their final destinations. Refrigerated shipping containers can support uninterrupted travel. Otherwise, a distribution network may rely on cold storage facilities along the route.

Discover the new line of 12V thermal containers for hot food transport. THE INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT SOLUTION FOR THE HORECA SECTOR. We have designed a new line of 12V active isothermal containers for transporting hot food that can maintain the right temperature even on longer journeys. 2 Pack Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Hot Food Containers for Lunch School Soup Thermos For Kids,Travel Food Flask Hot Cold (24oz,17oz) (Grey1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 494 $32.99 $ 32 . 99 At Coldtainer USA, we now offer HmL (Hot Meals Line): heated, food safe portable containers for food transport and catering applications. This line of containers allows for the secure storage and delivery of precooked, ready-to-serve hot food while maintaining its temperature in a safe range between 149°F and 185°F. These units operate up to 10 …

The containers allowed them to transport chilled, frozen and ambient goods in a non refrigerated truck resulting in significant cost savings on trucks and delivery consolidation. Their Olivo containers were fitted with wheels, and this alone provided significant benefits. Lifting heavy boxes was no longer an Occupational Health and Safety issue. Whether you're serving ice cold beverages or hot pizza, we have the right food insulator for your operation. When guests come to you for a hot cup of coffee, make sure you deliver with one of our thermal food transport boxes! Keeping food and drink at the right temperature will not only please your customers, but it will keep the food out of. Set of 6 Cambro EN 631-1 Black 1/3 Size x 6 “ Food Pan Containers. Bulk Discount. $38.00. 2 sold.. $519.69. 4 Pack End-Loading Insulated Food Pan Carrie & Cold 5 Pan Capacity w/Handle. $689.59. 2 Pack End-Loading Insulated Food Pan Carrier & Cold 5 Pan Capacity w/Handle.. Food Transport Carrier Expandable Catering Hot Pan Warmer Plates.

Food Transport. A premium bakery chain chose CoolPac’s Olivo containers over refrigerated vehicles. Being able to transport chilled, frozen and ambient goods in a non-refrigerated truck resulted in significant cost savings on trucks and delivery consolidation. Cold Container Features: EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY – ISOTHERMAL PERFORMANCE . Cold containers are a professional low cost way of transporting your products. Isothermal containers allow you to easily transport food. Maintain your product temperature(s) between -18C (0F) to +40C (104F). Carry Hot, Cold and or Frozen products all in one vehicle! Keeping your food at the right temperature is an essential part of your service, which is why insulated food boxes and thermoboxes are so important in catering and delivery services. Many food boxes are designed with gastronorm sizes in mind, so make it incredibly easy to transport oven fresh food straight to your catering event.

Cold food storage boxes are generally square or rectangular in order to maximize space on walk-in shelves. Like other commercial food storage containers, they are made of different materials. Some are color coded for instant identification and to reduce the chance of cross contamination. Color coding can also be utilitized to priortize proper food rotation. Cambro 350LCD Insulated Food Carrier Soup Catering Box Cooler Warmer Container $74.99 Cambro 140MPC Insulated Food Carrier Catering Tray Container Hard Box Heat /Cold Insulated food delivery containers make delivering take-out items more efficient. Thanks to each insulated bags' thick insulation, it will keep hot contents warm and cold items cool throughout transportation. Use these warm bags to deliver anything from pizza and subs to salads and wraps.

Insulated containers for food transportation Hot outside temperatures, bumpy transport, frequent opening and closing, packing and stacking – Dometic Cool-Ice boxes are built to take it. Solid workmanship and an array of smart features make our units ideal for professional use in the food service industry. Coldtainer also offers isothermal containers for hot food transport, with an internal temperature between + 65° C and + 85° C. The units of the HmL line are designed to be used with Gastronorm containers and comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard. Discover our HmL line. Coldtainer refrigerated containers allow us to transport products over longer distances in cargo vans for a lower capital investment, and with double the fuel economy for those vehicles at significantly reduced operating costs. Our maintenance costs are also lower than those for medium-duty trucks with coolers and cold plate refrigeration systems.

Frozen cold boxes. Frozen shipping. Medical transport shippers. Dry ice boxes. Inner packing supplies frozen cold gel packs. Standard stock sized insulated eps foam containers. Insulated boxes include seamless molded EPS foam body, tight fitting lid and shipping carton. All products are reusable. Cooler cold frozen dry ice shipping boxes for.

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