When you crochet a baby blanket, you have the decision to make about how to finish it with edging. You can make it simple or you can make it frilly and complex. You can even finish it off further with ribbons and other decorations. These free patterns for baby blanket edgings will come in handy. Easy Weave Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns. via DaisyGrayKnits. Daisy Gray Knits on Etsy makes all sorts of beautiful hand-knitted items, knitting kits and of course the lovely patterns we’re sharing today.. Located in Wakefield, UK, owner Julia makes certain all items and patterns are made to very high standards.

Free Crochet Pattern Using Vstitch and Picot Edging

Sometimes a blanket seems unfinished and it calls for nice edges. There are a lot of ideas what to do with them. The best way to make them eye catching is to use a contrasting yarn and crochet a nice border around the original project. It looks particularly well on the baby blankets as it imitates a lace and makes the blanket look more delicate.

Crochet border on knitted baby blanket. This baby blanket is based on the gull lace stitch used in the famous Baby Sweater on Two Needles aka ‘February Sweater’ from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s ‘Knitter’s Almanac.’ Any yarn and gauge can be used; the size can easily be altered to fit by changing the number of repeats of the pattern. The best thing about these crochet baby blanket patterns is that you can increase or decrease their rows to adjust the size. So there is no size limit to you can crochet with your hands. There is no doubt that being a mom is an amazing experience, and when you create something for your baby, it becomes even more special and amazing. Zig-Zag Blanket Border Free Crochet Pattern. This very original zig-zag pattern is delicate, but it will surely give a lovely finishing touch to your blankets. It looks amazing in so many color combinations! Just take a look at this classy mix of green, yellow, and blue. Level: upper beginner Author: Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

And like always, it’s baby blanket! This time it is knit so you can make a knit baby blanket if you don’t know how to crochet, an it is simple and easy to make. You just basically repeat the same thing over and over again until you have a beautiful baby blanket. So let’s learn how to make this. Border. The border is worked in 3 rows. The 1st is the border prep, the 2nd lays a nice base of double crochets, and the 3rd and final round is the fancy part. Row 1: Border Prep. If you’re using the same yarn as the blanket: Finish the last C2C square and sl st to join. This brings you to 1 square to the side of the corner (see photo). This rainbow baby blanket will make any nursery look super cute! Rainbow Puff Baby Blanket by Zoe Bartley is a great baby blanket free crochet pattern for the intermediate/ experienced crocheter. The decorative variation of a bead/puff stitches make this pattern a great addition to any baby’s nursery This rainbow baby blanket is a great gift …

25 Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns. One of the sweetest gifts I ever received was my first crochet baby blanket. As I grew, I kept it close with me. I still have it packed away with other keepsakes. When I became interested in crochet, I found a zillion free baby blanket patterns online. I wanted to try all of them. Crocheting a border around a blanket can be simple if you understand the basics of crochet stitch construction. These instructions work for any blanket that is a rectangle or square with straight sides. Blankets that have uneven or scalloped edges should be left with these decorative details as edging. This baby blanket is easy enough for total beginners to crochet. That said, it's still a great pattern for advanced crocheters. It works well when ever you need a fast baby blanket crochet pattern. Maybe there's a last minute baby shower or you're behind on your Christmas crafting; this is a blanket that works up quickly.

Something as simple as a baby lovey will look much more cute with a scalloped edge, and your newly crocheted blouse will definitely look more polished with amazing lacy border. There is so much inspiration in Crochet Blanket Edgings , that you can even use them to come up with repetitive stitches. Just in case you’re a mixed materials crafting lover, here’s a project that’s totally along that vein! We love the way Petals to Picots simply crochet a nice, sizeable baby blanket but then fancied it up by sewing a ruffled fabric border all the way around the edge. It’s very girly and fun! 19. Baby Cable blanket A border will add the finishing touch to a blanket, it will neaten a uneven edge, square everything up and give substance to your blanket. Your choice of crochet edge can make or break your blanket. Leaving an edge unfinished is fine, but if you really want your project to stand out, choosing an appropriate edging can really give it 'the edge' !! 😉 There are many decorative border designs.

Bernat Textured Crochet Baby Blanket. Pattern . 30. Crochet Woodland Heather Baby Blanket. Pattern . 31. Crochet Blue and Gray V-Stitch Blanket. Pattern . 32. Crochet Striped Even Moss Stitch Blanket. Pattern . 33. Modified HDC Half Stripe Crochet Blanket. Pattern . 34. Crochet Striped Crumpled Griddle Blanket. Adding a border in crochet definitely isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, but many times it is a necessary evil for crochet projects to turn out beautifully. How to Add a Border in Crochet There are many different kinds of crochet borders . After working on my first Oddball Baby Blanket which was knitted all except for the border which was crocheted, I thought that making a little video tutorial on how to work a single crochet border around a knitted piece might be helpful to some knitters out there who are not very confident with a crochet hook. And now that I think of it, it might also be helpful to confident crocheters who are.

I am thrilled to bring you a highly requested video, how to add a border to the Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket aka my top YouTube video and where many of you discovered my tutorials. I decided to make this blanket with a smaller hook to show you how that would look as well as add a really simple border to the blanket like so many of you. May 18, 2018 – Great crochet edges your can put around your afghans or fleece blankets. See more ideas about Crochet edging, Crochet, Crochet borders. Lace Edge Crochet Baby Blanket. via CaliChic. We’re kicking off our round up with this stunning lace edge baby blanket pattern that is perfect to test your skills on.. There is a lovely open weave and scalloped, layered edges that make it extra special.

This cuddly oversized blanket feels so soft on your skin. The snugly, springy texture will hug you right back! Quick & Easy to crochet. The neatly tailored edging and thermal texture design is simple to master.If you know how to make a chain and work single crochet stitches (same as double crochet for UK/Australia)* you can create this beautiful blanket.Easy to follow format with stitch counts. Crochet Baby Blanket Border ; DIY Crochet Border Patterns. Making these pretty crochet rose flower patterns for any of your crochet projects from table mats, blankets or more, is very creative. This tutorial is simple and easy to do once you follow the detailed instructions. A wonderfully sweet pattern, Cambria Blanket by Pam Mausar can be easily paired with a matching hat for creating a gorgeous knitting baby shower gift. This knitted blanket pattern is simple, with a pretty border and has no holes for little fingers to get caught in, so this will certainly become a dear pattern for many.

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