Throughout human history, people have loved telling stories. From poetry and literature to music and art, we tell tales through a variety of media. One of the most effective tools for revealing a narrative or a concept is an allegory. The term comes from the Latin word allegoria, meaning “veiled. The following famous paintings—from Jan van Eyck's portrait to Gustav Klimt's masterpiece—have stood the test of time By Howard Halle Posted: Friday May 17 2019 Share Tweet

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These paintings are not popular because of their ornamental and esthetic, but because of what they say about their owner. Have you ever wondered the true meaning behind a work of art? Ideally, you would already know before you even bought it, but in any case, no one seems to care about that sort of thing.

Famous art paintings with meaning. Here are five more famous paintings that came close to breaking into the top 10 list: "American Gothic" (Grant Wood, Art Institute of Chicago ) "Water Lilies" series (Claude Monet, various museums. Following is a list of some of the most popular art works and the stories behind them, that make the paintings all the more special in the eyes of the viewers. 1. Lowry’s paintings are famous for depicting scenes of mid-20 th Century working life in North West England. Characterised by a distinctive style that portrayed ‘matchstick men’ in industrialised urban settings, the art fraternity dismissed the merit of Lowry’s paintings for many years.

This famous painting by Jackson Pollock is a signature piece of art that depicts the chaos raging within Pollock at the time of painting. The many swirls and meshes make it a unique piece of work. For these reasons, it is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold by an American artist as it was sold for a huge $140 million. For years, some paintings have held the attention of art lovers, not just because they are beautiful, but because they hold within themselves, unsolved mysteries and hidden secrets. While many theories about the real meaning or possible interpretations have been debunked as mere attention grabbing speculations, here ar Over the short 44 years of his life, Jackson Pollock painted an impressive 363 paintings. He is most famously known for his drip techniques, and many of these dynamic paintings that he produced have made their mark on the art world and can be claimed as notable. And yet, ‘Convergence’ finds itself rising to the top of the list.

Ahead we list the top 50 most famous and influential paintings over the ages, right from Rembrandt to Jackson Pollock. 1. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) The most parodied, replicated, visited, documented and recognized work of art in the world, Mona Lisa by Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci naturally falls into this list. 12 of the Most Famous Paintings by Diego Rivera Diego Rivera, one of the pioneers of Mexican muralism was famed for his lifelike frescoes and vibrant paintings. He was passionate about painting since childhood and began pursuing art in Mexico’s Academy of San Carlos when he was barely ten. 50 famous paintings and the stories behind them A picture is worth a thousand words, and like texts, art is often meant to be “read” through critical deconstruction. Paintings can be far more complicated than they appear at first glance and difficult to decipher if the viewer doesn’t speak the same tongue.

Art history has delivered us with some amazing paintings and sculptures and limiting it to twenty pieces is no small feat. Certain works will always rise to the top. In this list of the 20 most famous pieces of western art see how many you recognize. The most famous paintings of masterpieces of dali and meanings 21 more famous paintings reimagined salvador dali 150 famous paintings salvador dalí eccentric genus art … The night scenery, lighting, and stars provided subjects for his more famous paintings, such as The Starry Night. The Starry Night, 1889 By: Vincent van Gogh Considered to be the best and most famous work of Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night was created from memory and portrays the sight outside the window of his sanitarium room at night.

Famous Modern Paintings Unique aesthetic. Abstract art emerged from the artists’ desire to create works unrelated and unrestrained by visual references in reality. A majority of the twentieth century’s most iconic and famous works were created by artists who sought and found new ways of producing art. The American pop artist Robert Indiana created a pure and concentrated modern pictogram with this surpassingly famous painting, lettered in the colour of love against a blue and green landscape. Famous Abstract Paintings: 1910s – 1920s. Admittedly, some of our selections in this article may prove controversial, since every abstract art lover has different tastes. But most would probably agree with our first selection of abstract paintings that changed the way we perceive art.

Famous Paintings and the Stories Behind Them From time to time, the words that tell the story about a painting can be more captivating than the actual portrait itself. Below you can find an overview of some famous paintings, their creators, and the story or meaning behind them. Note: This is an ongoing series of educational articles devoted to the analysis and interpretation of important frescoes, oils and watercolours, with new essays being added on a regular basis. Bookmark this page for more details of beautiful portraits, history paintings, landscapes and genre paintings, by leading masters of the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical periods. One of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1889. It represents the view from his room just before the sunrise with the addition of the village of Saint-Remy-de-Provence . Since 1941, it has been in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Art world in Indonesia is highly appreciated. No wonder, if there is many local paintings that are very famous in all over the world. Famous paintings from Indonesia are not only famous in the country, but also known abroad. Indonesia has cultural diversity and has a high cultural value. Vincent Van Gogh is the creator of a bunch of world famous art paintings. Portrait of Dr. Gachet is one among them. But, you cannot expect this painting to be a part of this list unless there is a story behind it. And yes, there is one. After Van Gogh was released from asylum, he was sent to Dr. Gachet, so that he was still under some supervision. Our group of art connoisseurs have identified a collection of 100 most famous paintings in the world that have had the maximum artistic impact and recognition. This list comprises works by a great many famed artists that are now housed in the some of the world’s finest museums.

Namely, the Mona Lisa, a famous painting among famous paintings, the Louvre museum’s most visited work. This enigmatic lady actually has the artist’s initials , LV, painted in her right eye.

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