Pool Installation × Install an Above-Ground Pool Cover Reel in 4 Steps. When you position your solar pool cover reel, be sure that the mounting feet are lined up straight. If the reel is mounted out of the square, the reel may not operate properly, or it may even jam or break. Most mounts use 3 to 6 screws and mount directly into the top of. Both of our revolutionary new Surface Rider Reel Systems, roll up the solar blanket as it 'rides' on the surface of the water. This design offers one-person operation, portability, and performance. The Surface Rider is designed to fit most above ground pools 8'7" to 34' (2.6m to 10.3m) diameter, while the Surface Rider II fits tubular rail.

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Installation & Services Specials & Offers Local Ad Store Finder; Truck & Tool Rental; For the Pro;. Swimline 16 ft. to 21 ft. Rectangle 52000 Above Ground Round Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Reel Complete System Model# 54000 + 52000 $ 130 70 $ 130 70. Out of stock online. Set your store to see local availability

Solar blanket reel installation. This handy cover is made from tough, waterproof woven polyethylene that protects your reel and blanket from sunlight, rain, ice, and snow. An industrial strength Velcro closure along the length of the cover seals out rain, snow and ice, protecting your solar blanket from winter’s worst. Fits all reel sizes. Backed by a 10-Year Warranty. Having a solar cover reel will make your life hassle-free in terms of preventing that with a pool blanket. By using the guidelines mentioned above, you can buy the perfect one for yourself. We have listed the best products available in the market to help you select a good one. Installation of a solar pool blanket should be a simple procedure, and with care the solar blanket should fit neatly on your pool, effectively cutting the costs of heating and cleaning. All year round the solar blanket works to conserve water and heat loss, raising the temperature of your pool approximately 5 to 8 degrees above that of an.

Solar Pool Cover Reel Systems. Don’t wrestle with your solar pool cover! While the benefits of solar pool covers are numerous, the downside is that the covers can be cumbersome to use. A solar pool cover reel system will help take the dread out of the daunting task of covering and uncovering your pool. With a solar cover reel, you can simply and easily cover and uncover your pool when you need to and store your cover when you’re not using it. The process takes mere minutes. All you have to do to release or rewind your solar blanket from the reel is turn the hand-crank on whichever model you choose, and you’re done! The powered solar blanket reel has operational safety features integrated into a locking remote control that is designed to prevent unauthorized operation. Remote Control: The key fob style remote control is used to extend and retract the solar blanket.

A solar cover reel makes taking your solar cover on and off easier than ever before! Choose from our wide selection of durable, long lasting solar cover reels designed for use with above ground or inground pools, or shop replacement solar reel tubes or roller bases in our solar reel parts category – all available with fast shipping anywhere in Canada! Solar Blanket & Reel Winter Jacket, 28' – HVWCR28Fits pools 25' – 28' wide – Cover length 28' 6" Features/Benefits Protective Winter Jackets f… View full details $79.99 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Congratulations on your purchase of our PRO SERIES Solar Reel for Inground Pools. Please follow the instructions carefully so as to not void the war-ranty. 2. Please use your solar blanket and reel assembly in the manner it was intended for: a. Your solar blanket is not a safety cover b.

Locate the solar reel strap kit and position the first plate at least 2" away from the edge of the pool cover. Continue this until all the plates have been spaced out evenly across the width of the cover. The plates consist of a 1 male and 1 female half. Using one half of the plate as a guide, punch 3 holes through the solar cover. Pool Boy® I Automatic Pool Cover Roller. Electric Powered Reel for Solar Blankets Model 8504. The Pool Boy® Powered Solar Blanket Reel is an electrically powered roller system for your solar pool cover. The Pool Boy® provides a fast and convenient way to cover and uncover your pool. – Solar Cover Thickness in MIL — Solar covers are normally available in 8 Mil, 12 Mil and 16 Mil. For best performance, be sure your reel can accommodate your solar cover blanket thickness. Purpose of a Solar Pool Reel. The purposes of a solar pool reel system are— – To deploy the cover when the pool is not in use

A HydroTools™ Solar Reel helps you to roll your blanket on and off the pool, quickly and easily. All HydroTools™ Reels include adjustable blanket fasteners, a quality protective cover and flexible fittings that make installing and using your pool cover and reel, easy! Reels for Inground Pools. We have several reel models suitable for. The Revolutionary In-ground Solar Roller System. Conventional solar blanket rollers are bulky and detract from the overall beauty of your pool and landscaping. But with the ClearDeck® In-Ground Solar Blanket Roller, the blanket is concealed below deck and completely hidden out of sight when not in use. SunHeater Telescoping 3-Piece Aluminum Tube for Solar Blanket Reel Systems 7ft to 21ft Fully adjustable from 7FT/2.3M to 21FT/6.9M 3″ Diamter adapts to all SunHeater solar rollers

The cover and the reel is supported by the buoyancy of the water during rolling. D. Solar Reel systems are designed solely to remove solar covers and are not made to support people or any other weight. Check screws periodically and tighten, if necessary. The solar reel may be stored outside for the winter supported in the middle. 2. Please use your solar blanket and reel assembly in the manner it was intended for: a. Your solar blanket is not a safety cover b. Remove the solar blanket and Solar Reel assembly from the pool completely before swimming use. c. Do not store the solar blanket on the ground in direct sunlight, as it will burn the lawn 3. Solar Degradation: When rolled on a solar reel, or folded on the deck, layers of solar blanket material focus and magnify the sun’s rays onto deeper layers, which weakens the material and can discolor the cover with a ‘sun-burn’ (also not covered under warranty).

acc-ts3b1224ov,acc-ts3b1530ov,acc-ts3b1632ov,acc-ts3b1833ov,acc-ts3b2143ov,acc-ts4sb1224ov,acc-ts4sb1530ov,acc-ts4sb1632ov,acc-ts4sb1833ov Elkhart, Indiana 1-866-778-POOL www.poolboyproducts.com POOL BOY® Powered Solar Blanket Reel Installation / Operation Guide Please Read, Follow, and Save this Instruction Manual. POOL BOY® is a powered swimming pool solar blanket reel system; it features an adjustable height and An in-ground pool solar cover is an excellent and cost-effective way to heat the water in your pool. Up to 70 percent of lost pool heat is through evaporation, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center. A solar pool cover can increase the temperature of the water as well as reduce the heat lost through evaporation.

Unmatched in quality and functionality, the reel is designed to support a 3 in. tube kit (sold separately). Simple installation mounts the reel to your above ground pool and all hardware and straps to attach the solar blanket are included. Smooth roller operation makes removing your solar blanket effortless and efficient

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