I smoke under a 2nd story deck and hang a welding blanket from the rafters and wrap it around the smoker. S. smitty8202 Well-Known Member. Joined Dec 14, 2014 Messages 255 Reaction score. Anyone own a weber smokey mountain? garcia; Apr 2, 2014; 2. Replies 43 Views 4K. May 13, 2014. sch21c. H. New Weber Smokey Mountain, Inaugural Smoke (with. LavaLock® Quick Coal Charcoal Access Door UDS 55 gal Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5 Quick Coal Charcoal Access Door For WSM 18.5 Weber Smokey Mountain by LavaLock® HIGH TEMP FELT WELDING BLANKET – BLACK, 18" X 24"

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That is a 22.5" WSM and I use a 6 ft. x 8 ft. welding blanket that only cost me $45. I can run at 250° in windy 28° temps with only one vent part open for over 18 hrs. on one load of the charcoal ring. To remove the lid you just release the top clamp or two and roll it down like pealing a banana – or release the bottom clip to adjust vents.

Weber smokey mountain welding blanket. That is why I ended up with a welding blanket from Harbor Freight. I think it was $20. I Wrap the drum and secure with bungy cords. I don't care if it gets wet being left outside or whatever.. Weber Smokey Mountain 18" Proud KCBS Member & Certified Judge 03-30-2011, 01:19 PM #12—k—is Blowin Smoke! Join Date: 09-07-10. The weber smokey mountain is a bullet style / water smoker. No, a water smoker is not a Turkish Hookah.. If you cook in cold temperatures, look for insulation or buy an insulated blanket made for grills or a welding blanket. Customer Support. Before you buy any grill, check out the available support, both customer support and a community. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smokers.. Welding Blanket – pics? Thread starter JSchlegelmilch; Start date Dec 27, 2013; JSchlegelmilch TVWBB Pro. Dec 27, 2013 #1 I ordered a welding blanket and have read a lot on how these are used on the WSM. Does anyone have pics of this? I have a few ideas and have seen a few, but would love to have a.

Cold weather operating tips for the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, including the use of wind screens and enclosures, plus tips on cooking in the rain.. primarily because they are bulkier than the high-tech materials now available and because fibers can get loose from the blanket and make a mess, getting into your cooker and potentially your. The Cold Weather Jacket is silicone coated jacket is designed to insulate your 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain while cooking and it can easily be adapted for a Weber Kettle. Silicone coated, it is great for use in cool, rainy, and windy conditions or as as a weather cover while not using your cooker. Unlike the Weber Rotisserie, Smokey Bandit sells a rotisserie that fits the 22 and the 18″ Kettle AND Smokey Mountain. If you want to learn more, then head over to the virtualweberbullet where you can find a whole section dedication to modifications, including different thermometer installations , ways of increasing cooking capacity and more.

This item LavaLock Thermo Blanket for WSM 22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain Insulation Cover Masterbuilt MB20100513 Insulated Smoker Blanket, 32 inch, Black Traeger Grills 10206 34 Series Insul Blanket, Grey I use one all the time here in CO when it gets cold. I have a Smokey Mountain Series Great Outdoors (vertical) smoker. I just wrap it around like a cloak and fix it with a couple of spring clamps. A bit of a hassle when reloading smoke chips, but it gets the job done. Just keep any vents clear. Weber Smokey Mountain or Oklahoma Joe?. If you live in a cold climate grab yourself a cheap welding blanket to wrap around it in the winter and you've got a year round smoker. I just foil the water pan and run it empty. Works great. level 1. 1 point · 3 years ago.

Reflectix method worked amazing. Made a box around my masterbuilt by poking a hole and using zip ties around the top to connect. Then I zip tied the hinge side of the door and slit holes on the latch side and wrapped small peices of Velcro to connect there. Our WSM Smoker Jacket for 18 or 22 Weber Smokey Mountains is a high temperature, silicone coated jacket that will help keep your smoker burning evenly and efficiently while you cook. Kevlar threads for durability. Includes openings and tabs for all vents and accessories. NOTE: Please select the checkbox option for which blanket that you would want, either 18.5 OR 22.5 LavaLock Thermo Blanket for WSM 22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain Insulation Cover 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $148.00. WSM Gasket Kit, Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 22.5 Nomex RTV grill gasket seal 4.4 out of 5 stars 129. $23.49. WSM Stainless Hinge & Gasket Kit, Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker Grill 18.5 22.5 4.5.

That is why I ended up with a welding blanket from Harbor Freight. I think it was $20. I Wrap the drum and secure with bungy cords. I don't care if it gets wet being left outside or whatever.. Weber Smokey Mountain 18" Proud KCBS Member & Certified Judge 03-30-2011, 12:19 PM #12—k—is Blowin Smoke! Join Date: 09-07-10. I use a 6 ft. X 8 ft. welding blanket with my 22.5" WSM, works great for both wind and cold temps. Here is a link to one of my winter smokes – high temps. for the day were bellow 40°: Here is a link to one of my winter smokes – high temps. for the day were bellow 40°: The wrap-around Smoker Insulation Blanket is the newest innovation for keeping the heat in your smoker during extreme weather conditions and promotes very even smoking and heat consistency. These are one size fits all, so if you have a Big Chief Smoker, the Insulation Blanket will go all the way around the unit, and if you have a Little Chief.

Welding Blanket. You can also use a welding blanket to insulate your grill. Welding blankets are specifically designed to protect welders from sparks or heat generated during the welding process.. Pick the right smoker like the Weber Smokey mountain grill. Brisket requires low and slow cooking temperatures. Smokey Mountain products are. The BBQ blanket stabilizes temperatures much in the same way water or sand does in a smoker. It uses up to 25% less charcoal, wood, or pellets when in service. When using a chimney to start your grill or smoker we suggest using about 30% of your normal fuel to start your smoker or BBQ. I have a WSM cooker also and can`t be happier with it. Prefect size for a small family and you still can get quite a bit of meat on it for when the in-laws pop in. Read up on the link that Keri C posted and you`ll be ready for you first smoke. I`d say there is about 6-8 WSM owners that post regularly here on the smoke ring and they all seem to be happy with there purchase.

These fire black blankets are excellent for welding and can handle up to 2,300F (intermittently). Welding & Smoker Blankets or Smoker Wraps | BBQ Gaskets JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. First time using a welding blanket on an overnight smoke tonight. I've got a 6'x8' welding blanket and had folded in half (4' tall) and wrapped around my 18.5" WSM. I then readjusted the blanket to pretty much a bit above the lid lip. The blanket has a 1000°F melt temp. Worried it was too… Some options to consider are welding blankets or furnace insulation. A welders blanket is a great option as it provides protection from the wind, rain and snow.. The fine folks over at BBQ Guru make a Silver Bullet silicone smoker jacket for both the 18.5 and 22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain. These are sewn from 700°F silicone coated material.

Richard Meisinger Jr. uses a welding blanket on his Traeger. Jim Streisand built a wind shield with an old dog crate as a frame for foil insulation. Mike Schultz built his 18.5" Weber Smokey Mountain a hut.

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